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iwsa logoWelcome

                                                                              The UK Irish Water Spaniel Association (IWSA) is the sole Kennel Club   
                                                                              registered breed club catering for all of the interests of Irish Water Spaniel
                                                                              owners in the U.K.
                                                                              The Irish Water Spaniel Association warmly welcomes anyone who has a
                                                                              love for Irish Water Spaniels to join us and
                                                                              enjoy the club activities in the knowledge
                                                                              that you are part of a body of friends who
                                                                              have a single interest in common - The Irish
                                                                              Water Spaniel!

  Rehome & Rescue
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                              Currently looking for
                                their forever home
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IWS News
WKC Championship Show
                              - Results

Membership Update -  New Topknot
News Update - 5th August 2015
News Update - 3rd August 2015
National Gundog Championship Show
                               - Results
News Update - 27th July 2015
News Update - 26th July 2015
40th Championship Show - Limited
                                 Obedience Results

40th Championship Show - Special
                                     Awards Results

40th Championship Show Results
13th July Championship Show Entries
                                    & Information

East of England Championship Show
                                  - Results
Windsor Championship Show
                                  - Results
Blackpool Championship Show
                                  - Results

     Details of Future Events
IWSA Open Show - 10th October 2015 Norton Village Hall Judge is Anthony Andrews (Antdela)

Very caring responsible home offered
see rescue page

Breed Specific Seminar         6th December