IWSA Photo Competition - Our Winning Entries

Fun In The Water Theme Winner

Congratulations once again to Susanne Suomi from Sweden for this  photo of Splinter  making a huge splash as she dashes along at high speed, obviously having great fun!  Our members voted Susanne's photo the winner of the Fun In The Water themed competition.

This lovely picture will see Splinter star on the June page of our calendar.

Travelling Theme Winner

Congratulations to Paul Reid for his photo of two-year-old Bisou deciding whether the gardener's efforts have met her exacting standards,  which our members voted winner of the Travelling  themed competition.

This lovely lady will star on the May page of our calendar.

My Favourite Toy Theme Winner

Congratulations to Rick Hayward from Canada for this photo of Bella and Skipper having great fun with their favourite toy on the shores of Georgian Bay in Ontario!  Our members voted Rick's photo the winner of the My Favourite Toy themed competition.

Bella and Skipper will star on the April page of our calendar.

At The Dog Show Theme Winner

Congratulations to Allison McNaught, for her photo of Mr Leo checking out the goings-on around his bench,  which our members voted winner of the At The Dog Show  themed competition.

This handsome chap will star on the March page of our calendar.

Comfy At Home Theme Winner

Congratulations to Sam Reid, for her photo of Bo, totally out for the count having commandeered the cushions!  Our members voted Sam's photo the winner of the Comfy At Home themed competition.

Bo will star on the February page of our calendar.

Winter Walk Theme Winner

Congratulations to Susanne Suomi from Sweden, for her photo of Reta, Terra, Lura and Fira looking out over a snowy landscape,  which our members voted winner of the Winter Walk themed competition.

This beautiful foursome will star on the January page of our calendar.

Happy Christmas Theme Winner

Congratulations to Debbie Robinson, for her photo of Marj (Stanegate Burnt Biscuit) aged 9 and looking resplendent in her Christmas regalia ,  who our members voted winner of the Happy Christmas themed competition.

Marj will star on the December page of our calendar.

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