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Welfare and Rescue

Welfare and Rescue plays a major role within the IWSA.

The objective is to place the IWS in a caring responsible home, who due to circumstances that have arisen within the household have resulted in the owner to ask for help. 

We will assist any owner who asks for help, whether they are members or not, the dog is our main concern. We endeavour to place the dog in a home where he / she will quickly settle in.

The main reasons for rehoming are due to: unwell owner, change in home circumstance, and sometimes behavioural problems.

A list is kept of people who are interested in adopting an IWS. They are asked to give full details of their household (whether there are children other pets etc)  to make it easier to place any dog quickly.

Should you have any queries or would like your name to be added as an adopter please call (01704 541051) or email Lois, our Rescue Coordinator.


Welfare and Rescue is supported mainly through donations or funds raised by raffles etc.

Experienced Homes Required

23 August 2019

We are looking for a special person who can offer a home to a 3 year old IWS bitch, (not spayed) due to the sad circumstances of her owner. 

The bitch has had a companion dog, so is friendly with dogs, and dog friendly children. However, she is very wary with strangers, so will need someone who is prepared to give her a lot of time and is preferably at home (not working). Knowledge of the breed may help here. There are other issues which can be discussed with anyone who can genuinely help.

27 August 2019

Due to the owners' ill health, we are looking for two homes for a dog and a bitch. In both cases, it would be preferable if the new owner has experience with the breed, and both will need a lot of time to adjust so preferably be the only household dog.

The dog is 18 months old and entire. Sadly due to the recent circumstances he has had to be kennelled for some time and is obviously a "full on" energetic youngster who will need an experienced person to guide him and help him settle.


The bitch is not spayed and is 6 yrs old, she too will benefit from being the only dog for similar reasons.

If you could offer a permanent home or be able accept an IWS to foster for a  while,  or if you'd like to help in any other way  the IWSA's  Rescue &   Welfare Coordinator (Lois Ferrans) would love to hear from you. Please download and complete the NEW OWNER ADOPTION FORM (available here in WORD Format or in PDF Format) and send this to Lois to register your interest. On receipt, Lois will make contact to discuss the process with you.  Her contact details are as follows:-


Lois Ferrans - IWSA Rescue &   Welfare Coordinator

Tel:  07796 072304


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