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This picture, reproduced from an original picture by artist 'Phil Jackson' is titled 'Uzi's Retrieve' and measures 9" x 7" approx

The markings on the item indicate it is a limited edition print and is numbered 18 of 20, and comes complete with a border, ready for framing.

An endearing picture of an IWS working hard in the water to bring back the dummy on a training day -  yours if you submit the highest bid!


1. Please enter an amount in Pounds and Pence (GBP / Stirling) e.g. 5.75

2. Please ensure that your bid EXCEEDS the highest bid shown on the table of bids received displayed below.

By clicking on 'SUBMIT MY BID' you agree to purchase the item at your bid price, plus an amount for postage and packaging if at the end of the auction you are the highest bidder. No payment will be taken via this website - any payment due will be arranged by/with the Association Treasurer at the end of the auction process.

Please click the TICK BOX to acknowledge this message, and reveal the PLACE MY BID Button.  Without doing so, your bid will NOT be registered.

Thank you for bidding - please note it may take a short while before your bid is shown in the list of bids received (below).

Bids received so far:

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