Welfare and Rescue

Welfare and Rescue plays a major role within the IWSA.

The objective is to place the IWS in a caring responsible home, who due to circumstances that have arisen within the household have resulted in the owner to ask for help. 

We will assist any owner who asks for help, whether they are members or not, the dog is our main concern. We endeavour to place the dog in a home where he / she will quickly settle in.

The main reasons for rehoming are due to: unwell owner, change in home circumstance, and sometimes behavioural problems.

A list is kept of people who are interested in adopting an IWS. They are asked to give full details of their household (whether there are children other pets etc)  to make it easier to place any dog quickly.

Should you have any queries or would like your name to be added as an adopter please call (01704 541051) or email Lois, our Rescue Coordinator.


Welfare and Rescue is supported mainly through donations or funds raised by raffles etc.

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