Eddie's story featured as part of the Rescue and Welfare Report, published in the Irish Water Spaniel Association's 2019 Yearbook. 


Below is Eddie’s story, quite the saddest ‘rescue’ I have dealt with but, as you will read thanks to a kind and generous veterinary practice and his new owner very rewarding.

I called Clare again, ‘Eddie’ would be ready to go Wednesday,  but Clare couldn’t make it until Friday which was not a problem. Friday dawned, and Clare with her best friend Ruth called me to say they were on their way, both very excited to meet Eddie.


He didn’t disappoint them. His lovely friendly nature won them over immediately. Since then Eddie’s progress has been relayed to me regularly, and he has won friends on his walks both human and canine. What a lovely result for Eddie.

The IWSA Rescue and Welfare Co-ordinator , the IWSA Officers and Committee wish to thank most sincerely: Richard Pettit.B Vet. Med MRCVS Veterinary Director and his wonderful team of veterinary nurses at the  High Cliff  Veterinary  Practice, 96 High Street,  Hadleigh, Suffolk, 1P7 5EN for their kindness and  generosity to Eddie & the IWSA.


Lois Ferrans - Rescue &   Welfare Co-ordinator IWSA

Eddie Update - May 2020

Dear Lois,

Thank you for your mail....


Eddie is great ! Woof!


(He's had) some allergic flair ups which we are slowly dealing with with our lovely vets.

Hope v much to meet you one day.

With love Clare, Bob & Eddie

What a transformation! Well done!

It was 2nd December 2019, Eddie wasn’t well, in fact he was in a lot of pain. He had glaucoma, and a very bad ear condition, and was matted from top to toe. He was taken to the vet by his owner but not to have his issues dealt with, but to be euthanized.

That same morning I received a phone call from Hannah, a veterinary nurse. “Can you help?” she asked, “we have an IWS here which the owner asked us to euthanize, but we asked if he would sign him over to us, we would treat him and find him a new home. I wondered if you could help?”.  She also asked if we could contribute to his costs which would be around £605.00. He is (she added) very friendly.  I said I felt neither would be a problem.

During the next few days I checked on Eddie’s progress, he was doing fine.


In the meantime I contacted Clare who had some time back applied to ‘adopt’ an IWS. I also checked on the charges, so I could make arrangements for payment to be made. I was advised he will be ready to go on Wednesday, but the charges of £605 have been waived by Richard Pettit B Vet. Med MRCVS Veterinary Director. I was for a while quite stunned. “are you sure?” I asked, quite sure was the reply, no charge. Thank you, just did not to me seem enough to say. What a very generous thing to do!

If you might be able to help an IWS in need -  by fostering or adopting - please do get in touch with Lois to have a chat and  register your interest.


Lois Ferrans - IWSA Rescue &   Welfare Co-ordinator

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