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The IWS, when running in the KC events is in the Retriever classification. Many people who want to take their IWS’s in the field run them in the beating line & others go picking up. You can start training when you feel your youngster will listen to you and is bonding well enough. Training is similar to any other retriever except you will require great patience with this breed. Training should be little and often and as soon as you can get to some properly organised training with a 'Trainer' who understands the breed and will steer you in right direction, you will begin to benefit the progress with your young dog.


If you want to get your puppy started use a puppy dummy 'little and often' is the key or you will find the very intelligent IWS will soon get bored, but done correctly you can start to get the basics in place. The other important practice to try and implement is some basic obedience training to obtain control and also to introduce the whistle on a recall at 5-6 weeks when feeding (which some breeders may have introduced already) when you obtain your puppy you can teach these traits to them, the sooner the better. Once they have had their vaccinations you can start to socialise your puppy, which is very important for this breed.


We are aiming to run gundog training classes throughout the year and welcome dogs and handlers of any age and level, just come and enjoy your day as we have varied terrain to train on and usually water, we also run separate fun water training days for all levels, we supply all the equipment, so all you will need is you and your dog, slip lead and a whistle of correct tone (which we can guide you on) we have some spare for you to try and can organise the right one for you.


Please come and enjoy the fun!

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