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Irish Water Spaniel Association.

The Irish Water Spaniel Association (IWSA) is a Kennel Club registered Breed Club promoting the interests of the IWS through its various events and through the publication of its Members Year Book and Newsletters. 


It also aims to promote the breeding of sound, healthy IWS through advocating the use of appropriate KC/BVA Health screening for the breed and participation in current and future Health studies and initiatives.

The IWSA has an active Welfare team which can provide advice, support and assistance when there is an IWS in need.  


New Membership applications are welcomed.



If you have - or are contemplating -  importing an Irish Water Spaniel (or any other dog), or semen for breeding, then you need to be aware of current concerns over the disease, the precautions you should take and the restrictions and veterinary precautions you are likely to encounter.

See the Breed Health page for more information.

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At times we are asked to rehome Irish Water Spaniels which for a variety of reasons are unable to remain in their current homes. In most cases this is usually through no fault of their own but due to a change in circumstances.

To ensure the very best outcome, great care is taken to match each individual dog with its new home and owners so that it can hopefully settle as quickly as possible. To help us to find a new home quickly when needed we ask potential adopters to complete an adoption application form which is kept on file. This provides us with the important information we need to be able to make an initial assessment as to which home may be best depending on the individual dog's needs whenever an IWS needs our help.

Recently this has proven more difficult as some of the potential homes we were relying on were not available when contacted. To avoid this we would ask that once you have submitted an application that you let us know please should your own circumstances change.

If you haven't submitted an Adoption application yet and feel that you can offer a home to an IWS in need or can perhaps offer temporary Foster Care then please do fill in the form (Click HERE for a copy) and send it to me and I will arrange to contact you to discuss the process further. I look forward to hearing from you.

IWSA Welfare continues to offer ongoing support to all of the IWS placed through our rehoming service and their Adopted families for as long as is needed. We are also happy to offer support and advice to anyone with an IWS who feels they need it. Just pick up the phone or send an email.

If you know of an IWS and its owner who may need support or help then please pass on the details below and ask them to get in touch. We will do our very best to help.
Lois Ferrans
Contact telephone number -  07796 072304

Can you help? Do you have an IWS or other type of dog that suffers from epileptic seizures...?


Canine epilepsy is the most common neurological disorder in dogs. Up to one third of epileptic dogs do not respond to conventional anti-seizure medications affecting their quality of life and causing owners significant levels of anxiety.

The University of Glasgow (in its Small Animal Hospital, a part of the School of Biodiversity, One Health and Veterinary Medicine)is conducting a study to test how safe and effective a new medication is in dogs with canine idiopathic epilepsy which is not responsive to conventional anti-seizure medications. 

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Can you help? Have you had an IWS that has been diagnosed with an autoimmune disease..?

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