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Irish Water Spaniel Association.

The Irish Water Spaniel Association (IWSA) is a Kennel Club registered Breed Club promoting the interests of the IWS through its various events and through the publication of its Members Year Book and Newsletters. 


It also aims to promote the breeding of sound, healthy IWS through advocating the use of appropriate KC/BVA Health screening for the breed and participation in current and future Health studies and initiatives.

The IWSA has an active Welfare team which can provide advice, support and assistance when there is an IWS in need.  


New Membership applications are welcomed.

New Puppy Litter Cuddling

There are currently no IWS puppies seeking new homes.

What it was bred for - the IWS as a working gundog

There are currently no IWS seeking new homes.


05 Oct 2021

NEW EVENT ADDED - North London IWS Walk, to  be held on Sunday 17th October - See HERE for details!

12 Oct 2021

NEW EVENTS ADDED - IWSA & WMRC Gundog Training Day
to  be held on Sunday 07th November - See HERE for details!


IWSA Training Day to be held on Sunday, 21st November - See HERE for details!