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The Bath and West Country Festival - Friday 27 to Sunday 29 August 2021

A huge thank you to Sue Margerison, Penny Willoughby and team for supporting the Bath and West Festival Vulnerable Breeds initiative,  meeting and greeting the public and spreading the word about our amazing breed!

The team consisted of

Leo Hewett with Moses

* Helen McLaughlin with Lola

* Ardle Mac Mahon & Yunsun Choi with  Macollamh

* Lin Bradley with Aoife

* Steve Davies with Hawk

 * Penny Willoughby with Hilda

Special thanks to Steve Davies who set everyone up for the day with a great breakfast and was chief cook and bottle washer for the weekend! Looks like a great time was had by all and lovely to hear that you're all looking forward to doing it all again next year - great job guys!

Photos by kind permission of Sue Margerison.

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