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Voting for IWSA Photo Competition Entries

How to Vote

Voting is easy!


To vote for your favourite please enter your name, email address and select your favourite entry number from the drop-down list on the voting Form, then click on the 'CLICK HERE to submit your vote' button.

Please only vote once per Theme - and please note votes can only be accepted from current members of the Irish Water Spaniel Association.

Competition Voting Deadlines

Between January 2022 and September 2022 there will be twelve competitions run, one for each of the months to be featured in the Calendar. Voting is opened shortly after entry for the Theme has been closed, so that all entries can be displayed before voting begins..


Then, each Theme, has a voting period commencing on a Start Date (Votes accepted ON / AFTER) and closing on an End Date (Votes accepted UNTIL) during which  time you can register your vote.


Thanks for helping us select the winners!

*** July theme - Pictures of IWS rehomed through the IWSA Welfare And Rescue Scheme only, please 😊

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