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COVID-19 Advice

The Irish Water Spaniel Association has received COVID-19 advice from the Kennel Club, which has been produced by members of the Canine & Feline Sector Group (CFSG). The CFSG are keen to ensure clear guidance is available for pet owners on how to look after their animals during the current COVID-19 crisis.


Pets are valuable family members who can provide comfort and companionship, especially to those self-isolating or unwell, and it is important that advice around their care is clear and people know where to go for further up-to-date information on controlling the spread of COVID-19 whilst meeting their pet's welfare needs.

The CFSG website signposts information and advice provided by many organisations (see here) who are concerned with animal welfare and who will be familiar to you. Their advice is summarised in the four infographics shown below (They will scroll through automatically, changing every 15 seconds).


We hope this advice will help you and your pet  minimise any risk of infection as we work our way through these extremely worrying times .

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